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Focusing on your goals in life may not fit with the traditional school model. The Path to Potential offers 4th – 8th-grade scholars a fast-paced online curriculum using online resources, videos, podcasts, group projects, lectures, and interactive games, to engage our scholars along the path of their learning journey. Whatever path you take, make sure it unleashes your potential.

Our Online Courses

The Path to Potential courses were created to national standards, not just the state of Arizona’s standards. With a wide range of diverse activities, our curriculum provides an engaging and rigorous learning experience for different learning styles. With interactive games and quizzes, engaging video and audio clips, and practical written lessons and assessments, the Path to Potential courses are thoughtfully designed to help our scholars understand new concepts and master new skills.

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How it Works

The Path to Potential courses are taught by certified Grande Innovation Academy teachers. They provide personalized instruction and support in the online classroom and via phone, email, and text. During interactive live video lessons, scholars receive direct instruction, collaborate with classmates, and participate in activities. With an online curriculum that powers learning with real-life applications, the Path to Potential courses provide engaging and interactive content, encouraging mastery before moving forward.

Designed for scholars who may need more flexibility, more of a challenge, or who may perform better outside of a traditional classroom, the Path to Potential gives scholars the freedom to follow their own unique path to learning through a variety of flexible and full-time options.

Relevant Electives

The Path to Potential courses are created to national standards, and include a wide range of diverse activities, providing an engaging and rigorous learning experience for different learning styles. With interactive games and quizzes, engaging video and audio clips, and practical written lessons and assessments, our courses are thoughtfully designed to help students understand new concepts and master new skills.

Elementary Electives

Elementary school scholars in the 4th or 5th grade may begin their digital online learning journey with the Path to Potential. Courses are taught by certified teachers who provide age-appropriate instruction and 1:1 support.

As a parent, you are an integral part of your scholar’s education. Although certified teachers provide regular online instruction, elementary-aged scholars need additional guidance and support from their parents. Parents are expected to monitor scholars daily, maintain weekly progress, ensure content mastery, and help with course navigation when necessary.

Offering a suite of Elementary Spanish courses. These courses are based on proficiency level rather than grade level. The majority of our students (even those that speak Spanish at home) find it is most beneficial in the student learning process to begin at the introductory level to ensure a smooth transition of content. Each level of Spanish builds on the previous level and is set in a new and exciting Spanish-speaking country.

4th graders: Explore the Lascaux Caves in France or lacemaking and street art in Brazil! From Impressionism to Pop Art, students will learn about many styles of art and how to appreciate artists in their own community. By creating works of art inspired by Andy Warhol and Frank Stella, students will build their art techniques by practicing rhythm, pattern, symmetry, and other Principles of Design.

5th Graders: Discover how Bridget Riley and Salvador Dalí use optical illusions to trick your eye with their artworks! No matter what a student’s interest—painting, pottery, glassblowing, sculpting, or graphic design, this course introduces students to all types of careers in the artistic field. Students will build on their art techniques, learn the art of critique, and travel across the world to explore how language and music influence art in different countries.

4th graders: Pump it up! Throughout this course, students will develop skills in how to throw, catch, kick, strike, dance, swim, and do basic gymnastics. Follow Gene and Ava to learn stretches, develop workout plans, gain sportsmanship, and create manageable fitness goals. Lift more, stretch farther, and get your heart racing faster to feel the burn as you hit your 60 minutes a day of fitness.

5th graders: Turn up the intensity! Dive into this course and learn how to throw, catch, kick, strike, dance, swim and do basic gymnastics. Amp up the cardio with Kristen and gain tips on a healthy diet with Henry. Develop teamwork and sportsmanship while striving for 60 minutes of daily activity. Using videos and demonstrations, students will discover ways to jump-start their fitness through drills, games, and activities to meet their goals and improve their skills.

4th graders: Make a cat dance from New York to the Alps with coding! In this course, students will journey deeper into cyberspace as they learn to spot and stop cyberbullying, use Microsoft Word Online, research artificial intelligence, and more. From coding practice with online games to find things to do on- and offline, students will develop their growing technology skills while having fun!

5th graders: Join the Viking Robots of Datanorse on their quest to discover their past! In this course, students will journey deeper into cyberspace as they learn the impact of social media, what makes a computer tick, how to share data with Microsoft Excel Online, and more. Through fun games and videos, students will practice coding and focus on typing accuracy and speed. With the help of Riyaz, the Social Media Guide, they’ll also share what they’ve learned by creating their own PowerPoint presentation.

Middle School Electives

Our interactive curriculum includes core and advanced courses. Fully accredited by Cognia, the Path to Potential provides the flexibility needed to experience online learning from any location 24/7.

Middle school scholars may advance their learning by enrolling in high school courses if academically appropriate. Courses subject to availability.

Do you ever wonder how your favorite websites and games are made? This course will inspire you to build your own! You will learn about the technology you use in your day-to-day life. Get an introduction to the basics of computer science and discover how to create and build your very own website using HTML. You will also use the programming language Python to create and problem solve actual computer programs. This course provides middle school elective credit.

Whether you have been playing the guitar forever or have never touched one, this course will jumpstart your music education or continue to build on your existing skills. You will learn to play a wide variety of styles by learning fundamentals of music and basic guitar skills as you journey on to becoming a skilled guitarist and musician. No prior music experience is needed, however you must have your own six-string guitar and a way to record and submit a video performance to your teacher.

Learn basic Spanish grammar to help build your fluency and understanding, and apply what you learn through interactive games, written practice, listening, and speaking exercises.

Build the confidence and skills you need to succeed in middle school. Discover how you can create a growth mindset and learn how to manage your time, set goals, and get organized. The course will teach you to have higher confidence, new skills for success, and strategies to solve problems quickly.

This course will provide you with diverse sports skills and game strategy, leading to a physically active lifestyle. You will explore nutrition and peer pressure while learning how to make effective decisions.

Learn and apply basic camera skills to photograph animals, people, and landscapes. You will select subjects, take photographs, and print and display memories in your own portfolio. You must have access to a digital camera (cell phone cameras are acceptable) to take this course.

Diving into this exciting course provides you with the foundational skills needed for future careers in game development, web design, software engineering and even emerging technologies, operating systems, and much more! Learn your strengths and how they relate to potential career opportunities. This course serves as a prerequisite to many career and technical education programs of study.

Using a special online library of software, you will gain typing speed while learning the proper technique to become a keyboarding master. You will also learn business skills to prepare for your future career. This course provides middle school elective credit.


Communication, connection, consistency, and fun interaction makes digital online learning at the Path to Potential a win-win for the motivated scholar looking to make the most of their time.


Making the switch to digital online learning usually leaves parents with a lot of questions. We’ve answered the most common questions here in our FAQs, but should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Does my child need to purchase uniforms?2021-05-02T22:37:00+00:00

    The Grande Innovation Academy in-person learning scholars do wear uniforms. The Path to Potential scholars do not need to purchase uniforms. If Path to Potential scholars choose to come on campus for pictures, they will need a uniform.

    Are summer classes available?2021-05-02T22:35:47+00:00

    No. Scholars do not have the option to take classes over the summer months.

    Does my child need to take state testing?2021-05-02T22:39:03+00:00

    Yes. AzM2 is the statewide achievement test for Arizona students and Path to Potential scholars will need to participate in the spring testing each year. The testing times and locations will be announced in the spring.

    We don’t have access to internet. Can our children still attend?2021-05-02T22:39:21+00:00

    A strong internet connection is key to online school success. A lack of a reliable internet connection and access to a computer is detrimental to the educational process. It is not recommended that scholars attempt to complete their education on a phone.

    What does my student need to be successful with the Path to Potential Online Learning?2021-05-02T22:39:38+00:00

    In addition to motivation and family support, success comes from having a productive workspace. Scholars need a distraction-free environment, and a nicely lit workspace to read, study, and do their independent work. Scholars will need to have a computer, reliable internet connections, a working camera, and a microphone. Scholars need the ability to have regular communication with their teachers using text messaging, phone calls, and video chats.

    Will self-motivated students succeed in this format?2021-05-02T22:40:07+00:00

    Yes! Self-motivated students excel at online educational formats. Students who can set their priorities, adapt their schedules to fit their lifestyle and have engaged parents will succeed. Successful online scholars are self-motivated and have great time management skills, which are both skills employers look for.

    What if my child has no time management skills?2021-05-02T22:40:20+00:00

    There will be a learning curve if your child doesn’t have time management skills, but that doesn’t mean they will not succeed. Part of time management means creating and keeping a daily and weekly schedule, staying connected with teachers, and being involved in your child’s education. Our curriculum offers a pacing chart to print off. This provides scholars with guidance so they don’t get behind.

    What is self-paced learning?2021-05-02T22:41:10+00:00

    “Busy work” doesn’t exist with online learning. Self-paced refers to the flexibility that online learning offers. Our curriculum offers a pacing chart to print off. This provides our scholars with guidance so they don’t get behind.

    Self-paced learning offers scholars the freedom to study and learn when and where they want to. There are structured deadlines to assure scholars keep on pace, but scholars set their own schedule to complete the weekly work.

    What are online classes like?2021-05-02T22:41:28+00:00

    Online classes include videos, group projects, lectures, and readings. Everyone participates and feedback is in real-time. With interactive games and quizzes, practical writing lessons and assessments, our courses are designed to help our scholars understand new concepts and master new skills. The course material and activities may be accessed from any computer. Scholars communicate with their teachers and other scholars, and they’re given the opportunity to critique each other and participate in group projects.

    Is online school an easy “pass” to the next grade?2021-05-02T22:42:06+00:00

    Online learning is not an easy pass! Online classes focus on content and concepts. Scholars attend live virtual classes, but the lessons are recorded so if a scholar needs to review a lesson, they can. Online school requires the same dedication from scholars to learn the material. They work just as hard as the traditional in-person student; online students are just given the freedom to learn on their schedule and timeline.

    Will the format fit my child’s lifestyle?2021-05-02T22:42:21+00:00

    The online learning format works well for children who are focused or want to concentrate on other areas of life. While in-person learning may work well for the majority of scholars, the child who wants to focus on perfecting their swim strokes, mastery of the violin, or acting lessons to fulfill their dreams of attending the Julliard School, may find online school as a better fit.

    If your child has self-discipline, motivation, and is independent, the Path to Potential online school will be a great fit.

    My child has an inability to focus on screens, is this a problem?2021-05-02T22:42:34+00:00

    Focusing on screens is one of the biggest challenges with online learning. It’s important that families understand it’s imperative for scholars to have a distraction-free work environment, free of televisions, radios, phones, and social media. Without distractions, a scholar will have a better chance at focusing on their assignments, thus limiting their screen time.

    I’ve been told there’s no personal guidance with online schools and students suffer from isolation, is this true?2021-05-02T22:42:52+00:00

    The Path to Potential scholars experience the benefit of engaging online courses, challenging innovative experiences, personal attention from our teachers, and project collaboration with other scholars in a safe, reliable, and flexible educational environment. Path to Potential scholars have access to all online teacher’s office hours. In addition, the Grande Innovation Academy has tutoring on campus which all online scholars have access to.

    Scholars also have access to Ashlee Miller, the “Guide on the Side” from 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Thursday. Ashlee has direct communication with online teachers and access to schedules to best guide our scholars.

    Is the experience online the same as at the Grande Innovation Academy?2021-05-02T22:47:04+00:00

    Yes. Just like scholars attending our in-person school, the Grande Innovation Academy, all scholars will learn to think critically, develop a growth mindset, and demonstrate creative thinking. All scholars at the Grande Innovation Academy and at the Path to Potential receive a well-rounded academic education and are provided cohesive character development learning to prepare all our scholars to assume leadership roles in the community, be socially responsible collaborators, and self-reliance to succeed in a global market.

    What’s not the same? Flexibility. Our Path to Potential teachers expect our Path to Potential scholars to be independent learners, with the ability and self-motivation to engage with the curriculum being taught. In addition, our online scholars have the flexibility to complete work around their busy schedules.

    What accreditations does Path to Potential have?2021-05-02T22:46:42+00:00

    The Path to Potential online school is accredited by Cognia, SACA, CASI, and offer NCAA approved core courses. The Path to Potential is a chartered as part of the Arizona Charter Schools Association, and our courses are tailored to national standards, offering a wide-range of diverse activities, and engaging and rigorous learning experiences for different learning styles.

    I’ve heard children feel isolated with online learning because they are meeting face to face, is this true?2021-05-02T22:46:28+00:00

    At Path to Potential, being connected is a top priority. Online schooling is not for everyone. Many students feel the need to be in the company of their peers. We encourage our Path to Potential scholars have access to online meets, in-person meets, and have access to all the sports, clubs, and activities offered at our in-person charter school, the Grande Innovation Academy.

    Who can attend the Path to Potential online school?2021-05-02T22:06:17+00:00

    Anyone who is a resident in the state of Arizona may register their 4th – 8th-grade children to attend the Path to Potential online school.


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    Your Instructors

    The Path to Potential educators are part of the Grande Innovation Academy Path Leaders team. Path to Potential educators share the belief that as part of the Grande Innovation Academy team, they’re changing the mindsets of each scholar and leading them down the path of success.

    Ashlee Miller
    Ashlee Miller Director of Path to Potential
    Hollie Gross
    Hollie GrossPath to Potential Gifted Teacher
    Grace Holloway
    Grace HollowayThird-Fifth Grade Gifted Teacher
    Sam Alexander
    Sam AlexanderSixth-Eight Grade Gifted Teacher


    Here’s what our families have to say about the Path to Potential:

    The Path to Potential offers children who are determined to reach certain goals, the opportunity to train and put the necessary time in focus on their dreams, without giving up a quality education.

    Jennifer Weber


    The Path to Potential courses have been through rigorous reviews and testing, both during and after completion, ensuring accuracy and adhering to state and national standards. The Path to Potential curriculum is fully accredited by Cognia, SACS, CASI, and offers NCAA-approved core courses.

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