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The Grande Innovation Academy offers an online school option for scholars in the 4th-8th grade. This fantastic program provides our scholars with the best of both worlds: The flexibility of online school and the ability to participate in on-campus after-school clubs, sports, and school events. Using a blended learning platform, our curriculum combines face-to-face instruction, innovative technology, and real-time data to increase personalization, engagement, and mastery of essential skills. The Path to Potential offers a flexible schedule, virtual implementation, direct-instruction videos, on-screen teachers, rigorous assignments and assessments, and a curriculum using learning in layers with hands-on activities for all the core subjects. Self-paced learning allows our scholars to learn at their pace, on their schedule, with 24/7 classroom access. Scholars can access their classrooms anywhere internet access is available. Our team can personalize the experience to meet each scholar’s unique needs, making academic goals achievable.

The Path to Potential is transforming the traditional learning model. The Path to Potential is the best of both worlds for the proactive scholar. The Path to Potential personalizes each scholar’s path by offering semester courses that are divided into modules, allowing scholars the ability to focus on specific learning materials without going through the entire course, repeating what they already know. Our unique teaching model and personalized instruction focuses on mastery learning, and our scholars can review all the content and resubmit assessments throughout their progress in the course. The Path to Potential online school offers a core curriculum, world languages, electives, and advanced courses to assure your scholar is on the right path.

Benefits of Digital Online Learning

More flexibility to Meet Your Scholars Needs
Traditional schools can be challenging for aspiring athletes and those heavily involved in extracurricular activities to find a balance between school and their interests. Online schools offer flexible schedules that fit the scholar’s life. Scholars at virtual schools don’t have to wait for others or worry about rushing through a difficult concept. This flexible pace allows for mastery of material on your scholar’s terms.

A Proven Curriculum for Homeschooling
Online public schools can be an excellent option for those considering homeschooling. Path to Potential provides a challenging curriculum and daily support.

Fewer Distractions
One of the greatest benefits of online learning is having fewer distractions. With a Learning Coach to monitor progress and keep learning on track, students can focus on their courses without having distraction that comes with the classroom.

Opportunity for Struggling Scholars to Thrive
Online schools can be an academic lifeline for those who:

  • grasp new material faster or slower than other scholars
  • need the ability to manage health concerns throughout the day
  • are rebuilding confidence after experiencing bullying
  • accrue many absences because of a difficult-to-accommodate schedule

Better Connections with Family, Friends, and Instructors
Although they may not see classmates daily, scholars at virtual schools often form better connections with the people with whom they interact regularly. Additionally, virtual schools offer more one-on-one time with instructors, which can enhance the learning experience.

The Grande Innovation Academy Connection

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The Grande Innovation Academy, located in Casa Grande, Arizona, developed a culture around a core set of values that focus on teamwork and high achievement. The Grande Innovation Academy team of Path Leaders encourages their scholars to challenge themselves, develop their talents, and make an impact on the local community with positive change. Education goes past the textbooks and academic endeavors, focusing on all elements that affect each scholar, with emphasis on physical fitness, nutrition, and a positive mindset. The Grande Innovation infuses technology into all aspects of their program, which includes multiple language acquisition, arts, music, and hands-on learning techniques. The Grande Innovation Academy offers a gifted program, FabLabs, a SMALLab learning center, an outdoor classroom, and a 2,000 square foot garden area.

To learn more about the Grande Innovation Academy, visit their website.


Not everyone needs in-person learning. Being on campus 8 hours a day doesn’t work for everyone. 2020 changed the way we interact, how we conduct meetings, and we’ve learned to adapt in ways no one thought possible.

Path to Potential scholars have the unique opportunity to participate in the Grande Innovation Academy sporting programs, after-school clubs, activities, and field trips. Scholars have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and still participate with their peers at the Grande Innovation Academy.

While many online schools do not offer sports and activities, or homeschool students find difficulty accessing public schools for allowing their students to participate in sports, the Grande Innovation Academy offers soccer, co-ed cross country, flag football, volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball to the Path to Potential scholars.

CAA Quarter Activities

The Path to Potential online school and the Grande Innovation Academy are part of the Canyon Athletic Association. The Canyon Athletic Association is a not-for-profit corporation created to provide competitive athletic competition for educational institutions. The CAA consists of member schools at the Junior High and High School level that wish to participate in interscholastic activities. Please review the Canyon Athletic Association junior high sports timeline for opportunities.

Parent Involvement

A Parent’s Role in Digital Online Education is Critical

Self-motivation is important for scholars to be successful with online education, but it also requires parents to play a critical role. Studies have shown there’s a direct positive correlation between a successful online scholar and parent involvement. Parents need to be a positive influence, encourager, and compliment their scholar’s accomplishments. While teachers are always there for your scholar, there may be times when your scholar may need your help understanding a concept or an assignment.

If a parent doesn’t have a great deal of interest in their scholar’s education, the scholar is going to have a difficult road ahead of them.


teens socializing

Online Scholars may need to adjust to the online format at first. Online learning success includes finding the social interaction scholars are looking for. It does exist, just not in the way they’re used to.

The Path to Potential strongly emphasizes social interaction. Being a digital online learner doesn’t mean giving up the social aspect of your life and we encourage scholars to be connected with their peers. There’s interaction within the online classes with group projects as well as in-person activities at the Grande Innovation Academy.

Interaction between the teachers and the scholars, and scholar-to-scholar interaction is a vital part of online learning success. Two-way communication is essential, and successful online scholars learn to build a rapport with teachers and other scholars by sharing asking questions, and sharing perspectives. Scholars should interact beyond the content of their academic courses, just like they would if they attended school in person.